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Earn Trades-Own-Strategy (TOS) Certification

Collective2 makes a special effort to promote trading strategies which are AutoTraded by their own manager. We call these strategies "TOS-Certified."

Why become TOS-Certified?

First of all, everyone likes TOS Strategies!

Subscribers certainly do, because they feel that strategy managers who risk their own capital, even modestly, actually "put their money where their mouth is" — to use that hoary Western expression.

Yeah, yeah, they've heard the excuses before: "I don't use the same brokers as C2."

Or: "I trade my own strategy, but through a different platform."

Or, whatever. Listen, man up. If you can't be bothered to make the effort to get certified, why should subscribers risk their own money on your strategy?

(Just saying.)

Better revenue split

And — guess what? — C2 likes TOS strategies, too. A lot. We give them greater prominence, for one thing.

Oh, and also: money. TOS strategies earn more money. TOS Strategies keep 60% of subscription revenue, as opposed to 50%. We want to encourage Strategy Managers to get the TOS badge.

Requirements for becoming TOS-Certified

The requirements for the TOS Program are:

  • You must AutoTrade your own system in a live account through the C2 Platform
  • You agree to allow Collective2 to publish the scaling percentage at which you trade your own system.
  • You cannot separately implement stop losses solely for your own account which are not part of your system (i.e. no "personal" stop losses; but of course stop-losses that are part of your system, and which all subscribers receive, are perfectly fine.)
  • Your AutoTrade settings must be such that you "take" approximately 90% of all trades (the exact percent varies by system age). If you set trade maximums or your account does not mirror your system for 90% of signals, your system will no longer earn TOS status.
  • You agree Collective2 may reveal which broker you use, and may publish your fills and trading results for the participating system. No other trading results will be shared. No account number will be shared.

How to do it

There are two possible ways to earn the TOS Certification for your strategy:

  • Subscribe to your own strategy and then AutoTrade it, just as your own subscriber would. (Note: you will never be charged a subscription fee for your own strategy.)
  • Use BrokerTransmit to "drive" your track record on Collective2. Because we have access to your exact broker executions and trading record, we can certify that you trade your own strategy.